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M2M Soudure et Aluminium


Vente Aluminium pour professionnels et particuliers
  • Extruded aluminium Profiles
  • Anodized aluminium Profiles
  • Thermo lacquered aluminium Profiles
  • Sizes adapted to your needs
  • Machining operation - Binding - Preforming - Welding
  • Possibility to produce pieces for prototypes and series
  • No minimum order
  • Permanent Stock
  • Deliveries in all Europa (contact us)



Thank you for making an appointment 24 hours in advance
For any removal of merchandise.


Décoration de Noël en Aluminium M2M Soudure et Aluminium catalogue vente directe usine de portail, cloture et portillon.
Réalisation : Creacommunication 2009